We are a family business and the business is growing along with the kids. In the summer months you may see them along with my wife answering phones or keeping the books.

They're not working on cars...yet!


Joe Kriviski

Joe is a great guy. He's been in Nova most of his life and can tell you about when Skyline was an airstrip and Tyson's Corner was a single level mall. He remembers when the Senators were a local team and when they left. The Wizards were the Bullets and the Capitals were just an expansion team. He can also tell you how different it is to work on a car today versus "back in the day".


Joe was in high school when he discovered an aptitude for mechanical repair. He had fun working on an old Corvair and driving it around. Since then he leans more towards the practical with a Ford Pickup.  


Joe enjoys chatting it up with clients and vendors. Many have known him for years and swap stories during the various sports seasons. Oh, and Joe always enjoys explaining what is going on with your car.  He'll put it up in the air and point out the problems and tell you how he'll fix it. 


Marge Kriviski

Marge grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. She moved out to Virginia on a whim and never looked back. She and Joe met when she pulled into the gas station he worked at and needed repairs.  She got new brakes and he got a phone number!


Marge does the bookkeeping for the shop. She doesn't need to be in the shop to do it and it gave her time for the kids when they were growing up. She also does bookkeeping on the side for a friend's small business.  


Now that the kids are grown Joe and Marge spend their time with their rescue dog, Mittens, and two foster fail kittens, Penny and Raj.



Craig is a locally grown NOVA native. At 5 years old, his first job was washing the whitewall tires of his father’s 1965 Ford Mustang. In 1984, his dad purchased a 1961 Corvette when Craig cut a few more teeth while holding lights and fetching tools. He worked for Domino’s Pizza throughout high school where he learning his amazing phone and customer service skills. Upon graduating from Lake Braddock Secondary School, Craig and his dad started a frame on restoration of the Corvette which took 18 months to complete. He now proudly drives the restored Corvette and loves sharing it with others. 


Craig started working for Joe’s Auto Works (JAW) as a part time Virginia State Safety Inspector in March 2014 just before Joe’s first hip replacement. Today, he continues to handle state inspections in addition to taking on countless other positions within JAW. You can find him answering many phones simultaneously, billing, processing work orders, locating new potential customers, sweeping/mopping the floors, running customers back and forth, procuring parts and pieces, or talking with the delivery drivers about local climate of the industry or just gardening. Craig has earned his title of Shop Manager. 


Craig attributes his longevity at Joe’s Auto Works to many things: the customers are like family, the work is honest, fairly priced and Joe reminds him a bit of his father, Frank, from time to time. The tenacity and the pride of the work are unparalleled at Joe’s Auto Works. 


On weekends, you can find Craig at a local car show, playing in the dirt or fabricating used scrap car parts into yard art. 

“Great team! The owner stopped by my office & introduced himself, asking for my business. Had to call him within days for our Freightliner 2500 for headlights. They got me in & out in less than 30 minutes! Reasonable pricing and super nice team! ”
-Theresa H., Leesburg, VA



“Joe has been working on my fleet and personal vehicles before he opened Joe’s Auto Works, Inc. He and his staff have taken great care of my vehicles while getting my employees back on the road quickly. He has even helped me out on a dark and stormy night. Thanks Joe! ”
-Phil Barbe, President, Backflow Technologies
Joe's Auto Works
45000 Underwood Lane, Unit G
Sterling, VA 20166